Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Easter!!!

He is Risen!! ~ our Gods not dead, he is alive.

Wishing you all the happiest Easter. I know I’m early but I;m VERY late on posting. Life is getting to much and I really do most of my posting in Facebook, you can follow me there at Tomorrows Treasure.

Well here is the latest thing I made. This summer I should have a lot of things to post all thru the rest of the year. Aside from watching my rgand daughter, My so is graduating HS and my youngest is going to be a senior so college and such. And SERIOUSLY the baby wears me out. LOL Love hanging with her but man some days.


olivia bunny hat



I made this myself and it is my own pattern. It’s a bunny wearing a straw hat and flowers in it.

I wish you happiness and love and the joy that our God is Alive. Hugs and see you soon!!!

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Donna said...

This is just too precious! have a blessed Easter!

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