Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Been Doing- slow but sure.

This year is busy and rocky. Many down things and then Rays of “Son”( meaning something to remind us its gonna be ok.) My husbands father passed away in Feb to cancer, now his mom who is only 54 has been given 6 months.Then a bunch of lesser things that just make you go- “Really?” Well some small things to let you know tomorrow will come- good or bad- it WILL come. That means another chance. Need School to end so life slows a bit. But then my Son starts college in fall so not looking forward to that.  Ok- enough babble from me.  My heart, prayers and big hugs to all effected in the recent storms and flooding. This whole world needs one big hug and a even bigger Prayer.

This card is made with a TAC stamp or 2. It is a get well card for a friend of our family,

he has cancer.

get well Ray 

This card is my 2014 mothers day cards (sssshhh don’t tell) dropped in the mail today. If you don’t get one- sorry.

 motherdays day 2014

This is a baby blanket and its made with denim colored yarn , cream yarn and then the red ribbon. Made me think of a bandana. My daughters Church youth Pastor and the girls youth leader both are having babies so I'm busy.


Well I wish you all peace, happiness and a cute puppy or kitty to love. Hugs!!

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