Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Hello!!! Long time no ... ok, lets get past this. I am not spending time like I should on here, Working on opening an Etsy store. Taking care of family and such.
I miss the fun we used to have at the on line parties. The fun we had in groups. Im still friends with some of you. Feel free to look me up on facebook. Been Busy, love you all


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thanks for sticking around

Scrubbing bubbles look alike? Toilet paper cover.
one of many garters made for prom or homecoming,  

Wedding garters also

Crocheting baby outfits and blankets
Cards getting made still- well sometimes
 this card is either Dustin Pike or Bugaboo. I would go with Bugaboo.
 made with Bugaboo digis
hair bows for the grand daughter

Baby tab blanket
 purse crocheted
 summer top for toddler
 remember these? my mom used to stuff them with nylons that had runs
 this stamp is Gina K
 made these with a pic of volleyballs and imagination

Ill be back. hugs to you all

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Been so so busy

I have been so busy taking care of my son, my granddaughter, the rest of the family. I still am crocheting and some crafting when I have time. I do miss blogging. But I think most of all I miss all the groups that used to be, where we would chat, laugh, and have fun. I made some really good friends that way. Now I crochet a lot because when you sit and don't have a lot of space that's pretty much all you can do. I make hats for the kids at the hospital. I've been making hats for orders. You can always come see my stuff on Facebook at HTTP://Facebook.com/tomorrow's treasure
A lot of my cards are there and any new ones I've made. Tons of my crochet hats are there, some are my idea some are others.
Either way I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Son was Diagnosed with Cancer

Im sorry, The holidays had me crocheting a lot of items.
My Son was diagnosed in Dec. with Cancer. He is 18. He is doing chemo treatments.
I have items on facebook that I have done. They are listed at www.facebook.com/tomorrowstreasure if you're interested.
I cannot say when Ill be back. Hopefully soon.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Having a wreath fetish…

Been making wreaths for sale. These are my latest.


12”- $18


10” $15


14” $ 20

Hope you like them, Any special requests.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


I cannot comment on your stuff, I miss you contact me please.



Made this wreath


it hangs on my front door. I made the wreath part from a pool noodle. EASY PEASY!!!

I had seen using them on Pinterest so I thought I would try. I didn’t read it so I duct tape it. Well it started to come apart, so I used duct tape onto of floral pins and that seems to be ok. Nice summer look. Keep an eye out for fall and winter wreaths. NEED MORE NOODLES> lol

Next I crocheted…

hat 2 hat\

The purple hat was a verigated hat I got the yarn from a friend. Don’t look you wont find it. It was Sayelle from Kmart. LOL

Ok well- busy day tomorrow so Ill see you soon.


The other same hat different colors. Then I added a lace flower on it. I will be posting the pattern but I need 2 testers. Anyone interested? Would need you to be done by Monday.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cards and Hair flowers

I'm uber busy, and slacking a bit. But come on its summer and I'm off so…

Finally finished the blanket for the coach and his wife, it’s a wave blanket the first one I have made. Now I made it smaller because if I’m holding a baby I don’t want a ton of blanket too.

coaches blanket

My youngest loves to wear bows and flowers in her hair, she is away at camp so I have a surprise for her when she returns. Think she will like them?

2013-07-15 10.19.06        2013-07-15 10.19.10

I added stickles to the centers.

This first card is made with TAC flowers and Sweet n Sassy Words. She has a whole set of Happy Birthday, LOVE THEM!!!

 2013-07-15 10.19.13

This second on I think I like the center white one and when I make a HB one like this I'm going to make them pointed. I do like this and will be making a hb one today so watch for it ok. Please share that I'm posting again to any of your friends who like this.

2013-07-15 10.19.02

This is a bookmarker made from Gina K Designs. Added stickles and glaze (on the bubbles)

2013-07-15 10.19.17

Well please visit me again!!! Hugs.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

more of what’s up

Made with a sticker for my husbands cousins son. The body is on a spring so it boings around, Thank you $ store

2013-07-07 19.59.11

Loved these every time I see them. Thought Id give it a try. Worked. Smile

2013-07-07 19.59.25

This was fun and pretty easy.

2013-07-07 19.59.34

Well check back soon!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Made some more…

I have been working on many things again plus working on family things. Kids are old enough that you would think they would need me less, but… I like it too- don’t tell.

bday wish

Don’t like the stamp. Bought it at Joanns but not a fan of how it printed. So now its in the sale box. However I did like the beading. LOL

for baby

Made for one of the many baby gifts I need to have done soon. Two stamps both from Joanns.

hb 1

This one was fun. I got the idea from Pinterest.  I used what stamps I have, bees and flowers then used a square stamper to make the edges of the hb sign. Stamps are flowers and small bees are TAC. The bigger bees are Hero Art and the HB is from Sweet N Sassy.

grampa hb

Saw something similar ad tried this the main candle is embossed the I used white pigment to make it pop. the others are SU and I glazed the flame.

Hope you like these. Be back with more…

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Many Sympathies

We have had a lot of funerals recently, close ones at that. I had to purchase some cards because of lack of managing my time, lack of time, and mojo vaca. Well I have been working really hard on things to get ready and be in gear for Full time Olivia again and a bit busier schedule for my youngest too. Gosh I cant believe my baby is a Senior. I really hope she takes advantage of it all.

With the time I have I have been busy. Making cards, crocheting, sewing… Sleep is over rated. We also got a puppy, why? BECAUSE I LOVE INSANITY!!! Ill have to look and see if I posted about Daisy before. Working on a Dinner menu for the next 6 months so any ideas would be cool.

Here is one card.

Hello 1

This could be used as a Birthday, How You Doing, or Missing you kind of card. I was motivated by this post on Pinterest. Wow after looking up the link, I feel horrible, it is almost an exact. I apologize, I never do that. I must have been in love with that card. I did write and apologize to her.

Now, When I have lots of multiple cards to make, I will make some similar to each other. I honestly would say that 95% of my cards are all original and have no twin. But there are sometimes…

All of the next 3 cards were made using Gina K “Eclectic Summer” I liked the Seahorse. Saw birthday cards or something again pinterest.and made these.

The brown one is sprayed with Walnut ink and shimmer in copper. Inked with Amuse and brown card stock. Blue is blue and black colored plus I used stickles on it. The red one was my fav. Its spray inked too like the walnut ink, and the copper shimmer. I used gold card stock and burgundy cardstock also.

sympathy 1sympathy 2sympathy 3


This card was sponged inks both red and brown Using Fiskars stamp I believe the words are Gingers house. I added with and cut off the rest…

sympathy 4

Even though they are Sympathy cards I really hope you like them. Hum. Check me out maybe tomorrow if not definitely on Thurs to see more work of some kind from me.