Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Easter!!!

He is Risen!! ~ our Gods not dead, he is alive.

Wishing you all the happiest Easter. I know I’m early but I;m VERY late on posting. Life is getting to much and I really do most of my posting in Facebook, you can follow me there at Tomorrows Treasure.

Well here is the latest thing I made. This summer I should have a lot of things to post all thru the rest of the year. Aside from watching my rgand daughter, My so is graduating HS and my youngest is going to be a senior so college and such. And SERIOUSLY the baby wears me out. LOL Love hanging with her but man some days.


olivia bunny hat



I made this myself and it is my own pattern. It’s a bunny wearing a straw hat and flowers in it.

I wish you happiness and love and the joy that our God is Alive. Hugs and see you soon!!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Heres a post for you

This is a hat called hugaboo, I made the pattern and hat. My granddaughter loves this show and well… I know breach of copywrite… Ill sell them the pattern, ha ha ha.

huggaboo monster

It is winter Olympic time again. Were are in Sochi Russia. (well im not but the olympics are) and I was like –oooh hat opportunity. so I wanted to make the bear and the cat and well the bunny ( but wait to see my bunny) 


Well that was a lot to do, to write the pattern and do it sooo. I made this instead

olympic hat

These were an order for these slippers. the link for them is here.

croc slippers 

Well I hope to be back soon. I made so Valentines cards, ( not finished inside) lol So Ill show you those event though it will be late. Tons to do- HUGS

Monday, January 20, 2014

Misc of me…

I am looking over my pics file and finding many things I didn’t show you, well this made me decide to do whatever I want. So…


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Not only do I make cards but…

I crochet and other things too, today Im showing you some crochet.


Everyone was like you need to make a cabbage patch hair hat. so this is what I made.

The other pic is a hoodies/infinity scarf.


Well you never know when I will be back soooooo


Saturday, January 18, 2014

ha ha sucker!!! just kidding I have a post for you.

Now if you follow my blog you must be a sucker for punishment. I know STILL doing a blog I must be. Facebook is where I spend a bit of time ( a bit too much). I also have a love affair with Pinterest. But seriously- who doesn’t?

This card was a bit fun. Then I wanted it to say Happy… Well ya, you try finding a stamp that says that and fits. lol yeah,, I dare you.


This one was fun. I don’t know if you can see this, the wings are stickled (glittered) and I liked doing this.


Well, hum, if I get the cabbage patch hat done the day im typing this, then it will be the next post. But yeah, um, not sure. My kids have off the next 2 days so… But well, you never know.


Friday, January 17, 2014

Bored Yet?

As I said sleep is way over rated.

here are 2 more works from ME. lol can you tell Im tired? well you may by the end of this post/ ha ha

008      009

I told you I have a current fetish for this style. Wait a few more to come. Ok I really have nothing to say except come back tomorrow and see more.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Here’s more…

On a roll? maybe or just its taken this long to post them so it looks like im busy. ha ha ha

Love my granddaughter shes perfect (relax shes only 1) But she is wearing me out. ha ha ha


So as I said yesterday I have remade some cards and made some new ones.

003        008

The one with stripes is stamped and colored and sprayed with something called shimmer?

the other one is a funky one for my friends daughters b-day. yes these are the same sketch, they also are made using a regular envelope, 3 5/8” x 6 1/2” all purpose. box of 100 for $1.

So enjoy them and come back tomorrow for more ok.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Old Becomes New Again

I have a metal file drawer where when I had nothing but time to make cards and the memory that when made, they were sent on time. ha ha ha. It was getting pretty full and well, some just didnt cut the mustard. SO, I took some of them apart and well changed them.

I can’t say made them better but maybe…

These 2 are original and I took them off here so sorry they are icky pics,

the boy is Sliekje image the umbrella is Nana Vic


Now these are the cards above. I covered Bless your heart with Happy Birthday and removed the word rain and added hb. (can you tell what im lacking?)


So never throw out or file away something you cant use or don’t like just change it up a bit…I have made new cards also- trust me sleep is WAY over-rated. ha ha ha. Still working on a cabbage patch hair hat – don’t like them so im having a time finishing it.

Come back tomorrow to see the next cards…


Monday, January 6, 2014

WOW 2014

I would like to know where the flying cars and food machines and moving walks are. I watched enough Jetsons to know how it should be. ha haha.

Well the holidays kept me busy like most of you I am sure. We had Halloween happen and then it was Turkey day then Christmas FLEW. Now it’s the new year. I do not believe in resolutions. Every year we make them, just to break them.They are however a good starting point. So If I have to make something I will break- I will post on my blog more in 2014. lol

Whether I post or not I still have to make cards for people.  I still watch my adorable grand daughter and boy she takes a lot out of me. Love her but I get tired. I really cant believe shes 1 already. WOW that time flew.


This card is very apropos for the weather we are having today. We are at –37 WC (wind chill- feels like) and I think the temp –11. This is cold, school is closed some other things have closed. it is very windy too. SO making someone a beach card for a January birthday is right on in my opinion. This was made with an Angel company stamp and a palm tree stencil, sponged the beach and sky then speckled it with markers. Colored it with sharpies and copics. Copics I won from Red Rubber Designs, where you can find stamps like this. hold on Ill check if you can get this one there.  They are having some good sales there. Go check it out. Not only stuff but stamps too.

Well have a good time until I come back. Im currently crocheting hats for 3 of my neice and nephews. So when im done they will post then I HAVE to make cards.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Things I have made recently

I had many orders for these yellow minion hats and a few more other crochet things.
So heres are a few pics of some thigns I have been busy with.
We had Christmas today, I wish you all the happiest of holidays to you and yours!~

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I was so busy and now I can breath again for a bit.
As you saw I made my grandbaby a hat- Minion. Well orders poured in for it. LOL 15 as a matter of fact was the total. 1 was a papa smurf like you saw, one was a stripped hat of school colors, Sock monkey, rapunzel, the rest were minions. I also made 2 scarfs. 
Now im making snowman heads for my daughters class she teaches. she has 28 kids so I figure heads with some treats inside It is a private christian school so i can have some fun filling them. :) 
I will make 30 of these, Im about 1/3 rd way there. LOL Well see you soon!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Time needs to slow down- if only for a moment.

We had homecoming- it is a week of activities leading up to the game and dance.

homecoming 2013 020

Katelyns friend, Katelyn, Dylans Girlfriend (courtney) and Dylan

For us it was a bit more. It was the week our beautiful Stella passed away. Well we had to have her put down, she had a stroke or something that caused her to loose the use of her right side, out her head down and spin in circles, loose bodily control. Poor baby.

We miss her so RIP Stella 2007- 2013

new kids 006  family n cards 046

puppy Stella                                    adult Stella

It was a rough week, the following week I was sick, got our grandbaby sick too, I was still watching her, So it took a lot out but its ok now. So you saw the minion hat I made in my last post, WEll this started an avalanche of hat orders, Thanks Norma! So here are a few of the hats I made.

pap snurf 

and a sock monkey, and a striped hat and 3 minions more and rapunzel and the papa smurf .

you can see more on Facebook – here

Well come check it out. need to go, have more crocheting to do. Hugs!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Life is flying by so dang fast! I cant keep up, I have less crafting time than usual. I post more on facebook, Im really sorry.
here is the link

Now here is a hat I made my Miss OLlivia- who by the way is the reason i  have less time.

This is my own pattern, I stole the smile of which i used scribbles. ( lol the paper crafter in me kept saying stickles, LOL) This is a hot commodity. I have made 6 of these. and now have an order for a Papa Smurf. Oh my. lol
Well I hope you like this, you can go to the ones on facebook too. Lots of cards and craftes posted there.
HUGS to you all~

Friday, September 27, 2013

5 years ago I…

WOW- 5 yrs time really goes fast when youre enjoying it. Aug. 20th 2008 I started my blog. 2008-9 was a hard year for our family. Many close losses, but we made it through. I know you my friends helped with that also. I really got involved in digis and on-line then. Over the last 5 years of blogging a lot of memories were made. I remember throwing the once-a-month parties for The Stamping boutique- that was fun. I opened For Fun Challenges, I was lucky with that. Not only did we have fun and get to see some beautiful work. But I made some REALLY awesome friends. I loved my teams and still enjoy some of those friendships.

Right now I am working on some images for some cards. I hope to get some done over the weekend. REALLY in the mood to make some cards. OH- I can show YOU the project I made on Monday. The person will have it by then. Well my Granddaughter is sleeping for ams nap so I need to get a crafting.

Thanks so much to you all for the memories. Ill be back soon! At the latest- monday.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

love this one

I made this card using the Konnichiwa set from Red Rubber Designs. I loved it, thought they were cute! I was really into making this card, can you tell? lol


I layered the card in several places. Colored with Copics I won from Red Rubber Designs. I used ink and sponges to color the background too.

I really had fun making this one and I think it shows.

Well, I will try to post again soon (come back tomorrow, lol) and I will be working on more things. I am currently crocheting angels, I need 5, then maybe I can make a card but… it is getting close to Halloween. Fall is so my favorite season!!! I love all the colors, the cooler temps, food, FOOTBALL!!! friends and did I mention FOOTBALL?

I hope you enjoy this. C-ya soon! Hugs~