Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Fall is Coming!!!!

Those of you that really know me, know this is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year!!! ABSOLUTE!
Well its finally here!!! well... kinda..

It is September but today and right now it is a YUCKY 87*F My opinion, YUCK, just in case you didn't catch that. 

I am however happy for the starting of fall things like...

I truly get excited when I hear the sports on the news talk about Football... I love fall, so much to do and eat and see and...

Enough said. I have my first craft fair coming up since my Son was diagnosed ( hes doing okay so far). I'm excited but not, I have a feeling this one isn't exactly what my mind is thinking. I hope it goes well. My friend Nana's Keepsakes and I  are planning to try some fairs. You can always go to our facebook pages until our store is open to order wonderful handmade love from us.

I enjoyed my summer with my grand, shes growing too fast and time is flying past, FAST!! But now is time to get down to work.

First item is a car hat- I believe I've told you about these before but.. I make hats in the car while we drive around or I wait in the car. Hence - car hat- they get donated, give away sold... whatever the situation is. You can always order something I've made if it sold or was donated. 

Coasters- I posted these on my Facebook Page Tomorrow's Treasure and they were sold right away, cute right?

Another car hat- its called confetti, well, ok it is cuz of the yarn, but... its a slouch hat and very soft. 

trying new bracelets this one is made with Rose Quartz and green, um green... oh oh. (All beads are glass but I cant remember the name.) the charms say Faith and a small heart "made with love" which everything I make is made with at least a touch of love.

Currently everyone on the planet is having babies added to their family. Some are friends, some are family by blood, some are family by choice. WELL- Let me tell you, we are MOST definitely in this group. This is also included sets of twins. well one of the sets of twins was called MOMO twins. I didnt know anything about this. WOW, talk about scary. Well one of the beautiful girls didnt make it. really sad for the family but her sister did. I wasnt sure how to do this, like make matching twin ones? well my daughter explained that it would be one more thing to put away with tears and well... the one that did live should be celebrated so.. I made one. This cute preemie hat. She is doing well.

I have a beautiful friend who lives in Florida and her birthday was. I wanted to make a beautiful bracelet for her so this is what it came out as. I called her to tell her I was sending it late because, well I suck, and she was in Alaska. WOW! what a great trip. 

 Another Friend asked me to make some sunflower coasters and well this is how the turned out.

And now cards!!!!
This is an image by my friend (yes, I have tons and that includes you) who make some of the cutest images. Sliekje Digi Stamps has some beautiful images and they are all a gift to you from her.

I believe this is a Bugaboo  Such a cute mouse.

A Goodwill find stamp and I used walnut ink or the background

Well, I hope you enjoyed my work here. You can follow me on facebook and see things faster as they are made. otherwise Thank you for being patient with me and following my blog.

Hugs All~

Friday, June 29, 2018

Hello Summer

When Summer approaches in my house it gets crazy. Kids come home from University, Grand baby is a summer fixture (which I love) and all the things you try to pack into the summer at our house because of living in Wisconsin. It only lasts about 3 months before all the water time and flowers and suntans fade. We have done a lot to our home too. Painted our bedroom which went from $40 in paint to a new bed and headboard and sheet and... well you feel my pain. LOL
Our City was also doing side walks so we had our driveway done. NO MORE STONES!!!! woo hoo. Now we just need a garage, BUT my mudroom is going to happen next. lol

So I'm very slow and non-existent with my crafting. I prefer to spend time with family, life goes WAY to fast to not. So not much to post for the summer. HOWEVER I am working on changing that.
My husband started a new job- well will in 2 weeks- and I'm going to have to adjust how I normally do things. So ya know by next summer I should have a routine. LOL

SO here are a few things I've made.

When your only grand asks you to do something, you tend to do it on the spot. This was an instant dress. lol

MY oldest had a baby shower to attend, and well this was really fun to make. Seems like everyone is having babies right now. we have 3 in the same side of family. Literally cousins.

With the 4th of July approaching, I found a wreath similar to this on my favorite time waster...  Pinterest... LOVE IT!!! Painted and glittered the stars. Attaches to embroidery hoop... 
My baby Grand (lol) loves hair bows and someone makes these HUGE 80s kind, and is charging a ridiculous amount for them. So... I thought (cuz I'm a snob, the crafting kind) that I can make cooler ones. LOL so... ok. not cooler however, different. She had cool paper. I wanted it for outsideish.

I don't know if  you follow my page on facebook but I make what I call car hats, they are all donated. I make them while we drive. NO not me driving but with road trips or something longer than 10 mins. I have a very short attention span and well... 
This is one. usually my own stitches and I have a stash in the car of hooks and yarn. its a weakness.

This was my version of a "Call the Midwife" My opinion, whoever truly invented this blanket needs a major award. like a lifetime of free craft supplies or chocolate award. This is such an easy and beautiful blanket, you can make any variation to it once you learn it. And it is a fun fast blanket.

I made this for the cemetery. My Mom, Dad and now Sister are there. I miss them. We always take care and make sure they are not forgotten, that is the absolute worst, to be forgotten. 

I have this book marker thing going on right now. I also have a thing for filigree. SO... you have to use a plain color, variegated doesn't show very well.

Another car hat, oh wait, I'm lying. This was started in the house. but made its way out to the car, happens.

So grand says...
BTW - HATE THIS DOLL ($tree and falls apart, until I made this dress)
Gramma, She needs a ballgown, to get married. ( her 2 aunts are getting married, busy year)
I stayed up all night to get this done, she had spent the night and well... SPOILED with LOVE
she has a veil and bouquet too. Blue dress was an 2 hour dress, finding items and interruptions.

Ok, she let me have a pic the proceeded to shred said shower cap. LOL

This was NOT a blanket I will ever make with baby yarn- EVER!!!
I would like to make with worsted weight. IT is a snuggle size, I got bored fast with repetitive stitch, and so small it took forever. I found the stitch on Pinterest in charts. Where they show you the stitches in a graph and you do it how you desire. Its easy  to do, DC and CH that's it.  

Again, I have a thingy for bookmarks...

oops, more book marks

At Easter she slipped and messed up her leg. She is not a calm dog at all. She is on meds here, didn't feel good so she got up, picked up her beary bear and cuddled with it. (shes doing better but its a permanent thing)

My husband is an amazing man. He is changing jobs. This can be scary. He feels this is a better choice for him. It may be. so I made this while sitting in the front room, using my grands things she has. I wrote some nice mushy words of him. 

Well I hope I entertained you for the 10 mins you just spent here. I hope you continue to come back and visit my facebook page  to see what I make. You may be surprised, I know I surprise myself sometimes. I have images ready for cards. Next week hopefully.
See you soon!

Ciao- Helen

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Well the wreath did made it through the winter. It didn't fade as bad as I thought it would and I'm sorry I threw it out before I took a picture.
I have been busy making other things so I'm about to bombard you with pictures and I am going to really try to post here more regularly.

The first is a bookmarker. Just an idea.
 Pins made at Easter. Wooden and painted.
 Bunny butt wreath. Fuzzy and sold.
These areamy St. Pat's cards this year. Failed in Easter cards made the pieces lost them then found lost pieces, ugh.
 One layer card.
 Made a few cards. Love this image.
 I believe this is a Bugaboo Digi.
 Cuddle Buddy image.
 Found the Bug flower stamp at Goodwill. Good place to find stamps.
 Valentine's wreath but cool enough for spring.
 Dulumba image. I love books
 He's a cool cat isn't he.
 Cowl knitting loomed with matching headband.
 Baby blanket, she didn't like pink.
 Baby blanket made - sold
 Baby blanket made for a friend's grandbaby.
 Trying new ideas
 My gnome or gonk. Love them.
 My grand daughter made this with washi tape
 She wanted to make a sock doll I didn't want to work that hard so he made a sock buddy One stock some buttons you got a buddy
 Cut it into painting again this an ornament gave one to each of the kids
 This was supposed to be a swag it didn't work like I wanted it to so it just made it into a wall swag instead of an over-the-door one everyone that saw it liked it
Well I hope that caught us up for a bit I'm working on more things and I have a few more pictures that I couldn't find so I'll see you soon don't forget to go to my Facebook page. Http://www.facebook.com/tomorrowstreasure.
I'm on Instagram too but I don't remember my address.
See you soon

Fall is Coming!!!!

Those of you that really know me, know this is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year!!! ABSOLUTE! Well its finally here!!! well... kinda.. ...