Friday, February 14, 2014

Heres a post for you

This is a hat called hugaboo, I made the pattern and hat. My granddaughter loves this show and well… I know breach of copywrite… Ill sell them the pattern, ha ha ha.

huggaboo monster

It is winter Olympic time again. Were are in Sochi Russia. (well im not but the olympics are) and I was like –oooh hat opportunity. so I wanted to make the bear and the cat and well the bunny ( but wait to see my bunny) 


Well that was a lot to do, to write the pattern and do it sooo. I made this instead

olympic hat

These were an order for these slippers. the link for them is here.

croc slippers 

Well I hope to be back soon. I made so Valentines cards, ( not finished inside) lol So Ill show you those event though it will be late. Tons to do- HUGS

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