Friday, September 27, 2013

5 years ago I…

WOW- 5 yrs time really goes fast when youre enjoying it. Aug. 20th 2008 I started my blog. 2008-9 was a hard year for our family. Many close losses, but we made it through. I know you my friends helped with that also. I really got involved in digis and on-line then. Over the last 5 years of blogging a lot of memories were made. I remember throwing the once-a-month parties for The Stamping boutique- that was fun. I opened For Fun Challenges, I was lucky with that. Not only did we have fun and get to see some beautiful work. But I made some REALLY awesome friends. I loved my teams and still enjoy some of those friendships.

Right now I am working on some images for some cards. I hope to get some done over the weekend. REALLY in the mood to make some cards. OH- I can show YOU the project I made on Monday. The person will have it by then. Well my Granddaughter is sleeping for ams nap so I need to get a crafting.

Thanks so much to you all for the memories. Ill be back soon! At the latest- monday.



Jennifer said...

Helen! I'm so glad to hear you're still enjoying your creativity! I've missed dropping by, but think of you often! Looking forward to seeing your creations and do continue to enjoy your sweet grand baby!

Stef H said...

happy blogaversary! we started at the same time. where have the years gone! you have had some awesome blessings in those years and i wish you many, many more. one thing really great that came out of it? you AND me. i love you.

hugs :)

Helen Dooley said...

absolutely Stef!!! I love you too!

Okay, where do I start? I truly truly have been a busy girl. This is a wreath I made and placed on my parents grave.