Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Life is flying by so dang fast! I cant keep up, I have less crafting time than usual. I post more on facebook, Im really sorry.
here is the link

Now here is a hat I made my Miss OLlivia- who by the way is the reason i  have less time.

This is my own pattern, I stole the smile of which i used scribbles. ( lol the paper crafter in me kept saying stickles, LOL) This is a hot commodity. I have made 6 of these. and now have an order for a Papa Smurf. Oh my. lol
Well I hope you like this, you can go to the ones on facebook too. Lots of cards and craftes posted there.
HUGS to you all~


Stef H said...

you should make one of these for yourself! now THAT would be a great picture!!!!!

super, super cute and you are way too talented... but that's a good thing... for miss olivia anyway - LOL.

hugs :)

Jennifer said...

This is so fun! I love all the personality it has!

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