Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I like to…

I like making things- all kinds of things. I like to crochet, I like to make cards,  scrap, cross-stitch, make general crafts, scrapbooking.

001       018       019

020   011

I like to hang out with my grand daughter- who by the way is growing well.

004                009

I like to chat with friends, hang out with my kids and hubby,

I like movies- classic ones are my favorite- B&W 1930’s and 40’s – Cary Grant was a hottie! My husband reminds me of Cary- he gets more handsome as he ages.


But most of all I like God. Easter is coming, it means so much in the Christian world. I know to me it means everything. God gave his son, for me- for me. Why, why would he do that? Guess he loves me. Lucky me.


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