Thursday, March 21, 2013


did you ever not know how or what you wanted to say anything. Or not sure what to say?

Well today is my day so-

here is a hat I made for cutie Olivia- A little lamb- from Sew Much love patterns


Puppy hat from Repeat crafter me she has a ton of patterns and stuff.



This is Cresent rolls flattened in a 9x13 pan mix sugar, cream cheese and vanilla, pour over cresents and then top with more cresent rolls, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. bake- yum eat!


this- yeah not so good until 2 days later. Looking for a better recipe. Breakfast bars


This was an improvising- layer graham crumbs with butter on bottom of 8x8 pan, cover with hersheys (or the like) chocolate. add sliced banans and the cherry topping from cheese cake (jello box or can cherrys) pour vanilla pudding over made with only 1.5C milk. the cover with cool whip or the like.

not sure we liked it. called it banana split dessert- but …

now working on a Geisha girl. done and put together just waiting on bunny pattern. lol

C-ya soon!


Laura said...

Hi Hellen! That lamby hat is ADORABLE! So is the puppy. I would love to whip these up for my grandsons but they live here in AZ and it's already in the 80's. I've had that crescent roll dessert before and LOVED it!

Laura C.

Jennifer said...

All of these are wonderful, I have just started to have fun with crocheting and love your hats! Fantastic yummy treats. I just made granola bars today, but I'd have to look for the breakfast bar recipe I have. I'll try to send it to you. Love all your creativity!

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