Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another Birthday Card plus!

Made this one too. This week I have some crocheting and Easter cards to work on. of course cleaning and I want to redo the front room. Hopefully my beautiful baby girl will come visit.In which case I wont do anything but pay attention to her. Imagine.Smile


This is a Dustin Pike image colored with markers and color pencils with oms. I layered the flame and such. this is made to fit in a regular personal envelope.

Repeat Crafter Me has a free pattern for an adorable bunny hat and diaper cover-(among other things) check out her blog . This one I made for Olivia.


This was made with red heat yarn just the super saver kind and a H-Hook.

When my husband and I were at Wal-mart last night we bought these treats for our granddaughter, and a cute Christmas gift which I cant add here.

002     004 

She has another gym we bought for her house that has more and a mat under it and… this is for our house. Not sure the onsie will fit- its 0-3 and was big but maybe by Easter… Saw the most adorable dresses too can you say PHOTO OP? lol well enjoy and have a great day. Ill be back soon with more things made to share with you. Smile

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UTs Hobby Time said...

Such a elegant card. Love the bunny hat.

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