Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hello There

So our plumber’s name is Joe, Im a very big fan of 30’s-40’s movies. I had to call him the other day I was like Hey Joe, What do you know? then laughed. I was like Sorry Joe, I wanted to say that forever, and explained. He too is a fan of classic movies.


Made this sweater for my darling granddaughter for fall. The pocket is wonky, I must have stitched it crooked. lol Its made out of Caron Persimmon and some kind of brown I bought from a rummage with no wrapper. love it though, bought the persimmon to match it. lol


This is a pictograph I found somewhere on the internet. I added the black around it and thought this would make an awesome blanket. BUT I would make like 6-8 of these ones then make the rest blank or flowerless. I don’t know but…

Today we get the pleasure of spending the day with our GD without mom hovering. So im sure there will be pics coming.


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Jennifer said...

These are both fantastic Helen! I love the little pocket on the front of this hoodie! Gorgeous flowered square, where did you find the pattern for this? I love the black around the outside, it adds such a wow aspect!

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