Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don't squat with your spurs on. -- Will Rogers

I have a husband who is really into westerns. Me- not so much, but sometimes. But I like western things.

This week at For Fun- we are having a challenge of Western. That can mean a lot of things. I do mean Country Western.

Always drink upstream from the herd.—Will Rogers

We have a lot of Iconic Western people and images. Will Rogers, Lone Ranger and Tonto etc. Look up western sayings or legends.  Just check them out, interesting. Especially the folk lore.

So I made a bookmarker for a friend who reads a lot. He will like this I hope.

I took 2 different photos of this. The first is with out (incase I messed it up) LOL

001                     002

These were made with the TAC – Wild West. I stamped the mane image on the bookmark, then I stamped the horse shoes where I place them. Well after that I had to make a “bandana” like background. I had seen this done a while back and could remember where I saw it or who had done it. So of course I entered it in a search engine. Found one on You tube. I thought she was funny so I used that.  I don’t know her, never met her but this was cool. I used a GWP stamp for the making of the bandana. Smile 

I hope you enjoy this and I really hope that you take time to play along with us at For Fun!

Materials used:

TAC – wild west, swirl stamps - Sharpie and Bic markers to color – white acrylic paint – jute. Cardstock in White and burgandy,


Anna K said...

Cute bookmarks!

Kathy D. said...

Oh did you put one of the cool quotes on the back? I love that you made the go woman! I would of bought some paper! Love how you did the cord around the bookmark. Yeehaw my friend!

Julie said...

Wow - so much work in one bookmark.

I love the way you've used the jute around it! I would have messed it up for sure.

Thanks for letting me play along with you guys! xx

Barbara Colbert said...

I have a special message to you on my Blog..please stop by and see it!

Tracey said...

This is fab Helen! Your friend will love :)

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