Monday, March 19, 2012

watercolor chalk tutorial

First I want to say, Keep praying for Tyler, hes fighting and I think prayers will help his fight. Thanks!


Ok so I think I made something new. It was an accident and well I liked it so…


a stamp- I used Gina K’s Tropical Windows.

Versamark Water mark stamp pad

chalk any kind

Pink Pet eraser- this might be important to use this brand- please let me know if you get the same effect

a sponge- I cut mine up from a BIG yellow one- I “borrowed” from hubbys stuff. wonder if he’d want it back cut. lol

Card stock- I use Georgia Pacific white smooth I get it at walmart or target

you will also need other things to make the card you wish.

additional things I used-

green cs, green ribbon, cuttlebug embossing folder, tape,

tutorial 003

1- take your stamp and make sure its clean- clean it and wipe it on paper towel to make sure

2- chose the color chalk and get it open

3- “ink” up your image with the Versamark make sure you get it all- slight tint so you could see it.

tutorial 004

4- stamp it on a piece of white CS

5- take your chalk, using the sponge dab you image- some call this pounce, do whatever it takes to get     it chalked.

tutorial 002

6- after chalking smooth the chalk into the image making sure its really chalked. let sit a few mins. clean up your mess in the mean time

7-  take you pink pet eraser and start to lightly erase the chalked image.  start with the non-stamped part. then make sure the image is dry. then erase on that. It will leave a watercolor looking image on the card stock. 

tutorial 005

8.Then make a card.

I hope this was ok. any questions ask.


Anna K said...

Pretty card!

Paula said...

Beautiful card! And thanks for the tutorial on this chalking technique.

Dawn Frost said...

Great technique! I really like the card, clean, simple and very elegant.

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