Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cat VS Dogs?

I cant believe that at For Fun we almost have 400 followers. WOW! We only need 8 more people;. That would be so awesome if we could do it this week.

The challenge this week is make something with a cat or dog as the main item, you get to chose which one.Any or both.

I have 2 dogs Petey the husky and Stella the Shiba Inu mix.

014 family n cards 046

Im sure you can tell who is who. lol

I made a cat card for this challenge using an stamp from TAC.


I really hope you join in with us!! We Love seeing all your beautiful work.


Jennifer said...

This is such a great card! Love all the variations! Really pretty dogs, all we have are fish because unfortunately I'm alergic to anything with hair! Not people of course. hehehe Well, maybe some people. LOL

Kathy D. said...

You crack me up with posting about your beautiful dogs and then wham a cat card!! Cute card though. But we have 4 dogs so I'm on the dog side.

Anna K said...

Cute card! Your dogs are beautiful!

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