Thursday, February 23, 2012

celery- it grows

I saw (and have on pinterest) that if you take the bottom of  your celery off and then put it in a bowl with water- you can grow a new celery. So I was like this would be fun. We don’t use a lot of celery so it usually goes bad first. So I cut some into some dinner and decided I wanted to try it- (you know, see if it really worked) Well here are some pics- you let me know.

day 1 Saturday Feb. 18th


Earlier today Thursday Feb. 23


Now we don’t keep our heat high its at 66F it can get cooler  but not warmer.

Its not planting season so it will have to grow in the house.

My friend Becky started hers on the same day-

Here is hers

becks celery thurs

they are almost exact. lol

Try it!

1 comment:

Patricia St Martin said...

Helen, Interesting idea. Hope you share with us your what happens to your celery. Good luck and I hope it grows, great idea.
Hugz, Pat

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