Monday, February 27, 2012

a bit o celery and a easy peasy dessert

Our Celery just keep growing and growing and growing. This was started on Sat. March 18th. I cut it, placed it in water and now wait. Did I tell you Im not very patient. So this project is very good for me. Its growing pretty fast. you be the judge. I have other pictures a post back.


We also had about the best snow fall this season. We got 6 inches. That is the most for this season which is very very odd.

003   002

Now on to dessert tonite.

I had made a box cheesecake from Jello a while back. Don’t hate- grab a spoon. My husband doesn’t like cherry so I saved the topping with a thought in mind. I always have crescent rolls in the fridge took them filled them covered them forked them, sprinkled decorator sugar on it baked in 350* oven for 25 min.


Good- BUT next time I would take and roll out the rolls a bit so it could be bigger. Warm is good BUT the cherrys are hot, Wait a bit then you can hold it like a turnover. Enjoy


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the update on the celery! I love all your snow and that dessert looks yummy!

Anna K said...

Boy, you learn something new everyday! Can't wait to see how big your celery gets! This winter has been awesome-mild & no snow! Love it!

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