Sunday, October 16, 2011

I didn’t lie here are some more for you.

I made many cards and things lately and my friend Kym yells at me cuz I make stuff and never post so Im posting.


I woke up WAY to early one day and I was opening the house up, the weather was nice so I was a bit grumbly. Well God offered me a gorgeous morning. This is the view I get from my kitchen window. I really did stop to take time to appreciate it. I think I said “thanks” too. I don’t think you can really see it but the sky was purple and orange- GORGEOUS!!

Ok on to my cards-


This is a Dustin Pike image. I got it a long time ago, It came in a 3 pack. One with a camera, this one and , and  um, hum. Hold on. a painter DUH I think I would forget my own name except its in my wares. lol This is marker colored.


This is a Sliekje image. I SOOO love her work. I don’t know if you looked at her other work but she is a very talented artist. You really should check out her 2nd blog. This is colored with markers and color pencils. I flocked his hair and flowersoft the flowers. Glazed the balloon. and I think his band-aid.


I have been crocheting and painting too. I will see you soon I think in Wed. at least.


Marie said...

Such stunning photo. Fantastic and very relaxing.

Sherry -Aunt Elmo- said...

wow that view is stunning!!It doesn't even look real...amazing!! Cute cards too - being a mom to 4 boys I tend to love blue =)

Jennifer said...

I just love how God gives us precious moments to enjoy. Your cards are adorable as well. I'm sure they'll cheer up whoever they're intended for!

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