Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Katelyn's Kitchen Scrubby

Hot thing right now is to make your own kitchen scrubby. Everyone's using the red heart scrubby Sparkle or some other kinds. Some have been making them for years using tulle or mesh.  I have written up my own pattern like I usually do and decided this time that I would share it with you guys. My youngest is getting her first apartment, College apartment, still none the less she's moving out of the dorm so I've decided to make her some nice kitchen wares. I made some washcloths on the knitting loom and now decided to make some scrubbies that are crocheted. I can never share my loom patterns because I don't know how to read or write those. Only in my jibberish where I can remake them. Lol.
So here you go-
Red heart scrubby Sparkle in ice pop
Lily sugar n cream cotton in swimming pool.
J hook - I crochet tight
Work holding two (2) strands together.

Ch. 3
R1- hdc 7 in the first ch (7)
R2- hdc 2 in each st around (14)
R3- 2 hdc in first St, 1 in next st, around (21)
R4- Dec- 2 hdc together, 1hdc around (14)
R5- Dec- 2 together around (7)
R6- Dec- hdc2 together 3
Fasten off and tuck threads.
And tadah- scrubby
To increase size- after R3 - change R4 to 2 hdc in St, 1hdc in next - (28)
See you soon

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