Friday, March 31, 2017

 Hello- LONG time not here.
I was really sick for a while and now trying to play catch up on lots of things.
I havent been making cards lately, I miss it and really wish to. I had a class, but showed you those already, I think. LOL (might be my nest post)
I am trying to learn how to balance time better. Quick scan of FB is needed 3 times a day as that is how you find out things. Personal or otherwise. I also post my creations on facebook with a dollar amount for sale.
Were going to be gutting our frontroom and insulating, dry wall and maybe electric. Bought new furniture and now planning paint and flooring (kinda sucks) is definitely a challenge.
Enough with my blabbing.

This is a crochet blanket followed my own pattern for it. I crocheted it with a sc, dc for 3 rows then a row of hdc. I used the Premier Sweet Rolls in Spearmint I purchased at Joanns. I used a H wait maybe an I hook. Cant remember. lol Its for my friends first grandbaby. Shh dont tell. :)

I LOVED making these!!! I made these for my little grand daughter. She loves them and honestly so very simple to make. Joanns sells this material and all you have to do is uses a zig zag stitch up the one side. I used decorative elastic for the straps. Inexpensive and fun. So many designs and so much fun. My husband asked if I was done. LOL
When I was done I had some of the White elastic left. It was my friend/neighbors birthday and I was running behind, like everything else. Truly not really sure I wanted to gift her but just a card, anyhow, So I made this bracelet.
I have a shelf we added above our tv to hold my mice and lighthouses, then the fall village and Christmas village.I am now adding a spring/summer village so Charming Tales mice and Northerlights lighthouses might be up for sale. LOL
I made a St. Pats curtain, cute but decided it should be shorter .
Made an Easter one, Will have to make a spring/summer one next. I do however like the shorter one better.
This is the material close up, Took the last they had from Hobby Lobby. It is measured at 9" in length and the shelf is 6' long so I had just under a yard and with luck it was just the right way and enough. I actually have a piece left. Cant wait to see what happens to that.

I currently have a Knitting Loom fetish. Thanks to my friend Kym. She blames me, I blame her- all good. This is a slouch hat. again done to my own beat. Someday I will learn to read knitting patterns- then look out. LOL This hat was made out of yarn bought at Joanns- they have bags of unlabeled yarn and if you catch it on sale and know your yarns- you can get some high end for cheap. This is uber soft and she doesnt want to give it up. However, I make 1 hat for each week (52) that gets donated. I think I have 3 more to do, but have catch ups first. 

Another loomed hat with that bag stuff. This was my first so it may have been posted. 

Well I guess I have things to get done, including house cleaning and dinner. Have a great weekend, Love your family and friends. And wear what makes you happy!!!

PS- Cudahy went to Sate for Girls Basketball- first time ever!!! So exciting!!!
Made this "hat" using Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me's hat idea. Made the band and the net in our school colors.

We didn't win state, however coming in 2nd is pretty good.

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