Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Been so so busy

I have been so busy taking care of my son, my granddaughter, the rest of the family. I still am crocheting and some crafting when I have time. I do miss blogging. But I think most of all I miss all the groups that used to be, where we would chat, laugh, and have fun. I made some really good friends that way. Now I crochet a lot because when you sit and don't have a lot of space that's pretty much all you can do. I make hats for the kids at the hospital. I've been making hats for orders. You can always come see my stuff on Facebook at HTTP://Facebook.com/tomorrow's treasure
A lot of my cards are there and any new ones I've made. Tons of my crochet hats are there, some are my idea some are others.
Either way I hope you enjoy.

Hello Summer

When Summer approaches in my house it gets crazy. Kids come home from University, Grand baby is a summer fixture (which I love) and all the ...