Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Who knew life would go this fast? Not me I must have been sleeping. lol

I swear I have been creating. Im on facebook posting things there a lot  here-

I have been spending gobs of time with my beautiful grand daughter. was into cards BIG last week. I made some so let me go find them on my computer. be right back.


This was made for an order. Trap shooting (skeet shooting) and Fathers day combo.


This was a fun card. I used walnut ink for the book page and the butterfly was a sticker from the $ store. like this a lot. spoged it with black ink, made a few of these.


made this for my granddaughter but NOT a fan of the eyes. at all.


this was a rip off of other cards I have seen like this, liked it.


I made multiples of this in different colors. in a pinch…


Fun image ad fun card. will probably make again. Image is Michelle Perkett


made a bunch of 201 left the last number blank. my son isn 2014 and my daughter is 2015 so… but I have them done. lol


This card I made with a new neighbor, shes a card maker! WOO HOO!!!

I hope that keeps you busy for a bit. I cant find my new ones I just did last week. so come back Monday and well ill have more for ya!


KellyRae said...

Helen, looks like you've been busy! I like the idea of the grad card now for a future event. The make a wish card with the fat letters looks adorable. And I LOVE the pocket card! Yayyy to see you posting again. I've started posting too (after 6 months hiatus - yikes).

Mrs A. said...

If that is just one weeks worth I need to go sit on the naughty step!
Like the graduation card that you can just add the correct year to.
Hugs Mrs A.

Jennifer said...

Helen, I just love how you are such a versatile crafter! Life is flying to fast!.....but good none the less. I've been struggling to find time to craft with all that's going on in our family life. The kids are about done with school lessons so there will be more time! YEAH! I'm so glad that you are enjoying your sweet little grand daughter! What a delight!

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