Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Tutorial -

Using and abusing your machine is easy to do if you’re not afraid to try things that are out of the norm. So many of you crafters have come up with something you needed by being driven to do it. I have these plates from Fiskars and I bought the little 3 prong embossing tool (which is for sale by the way). I don’t have the hand strength to make it work enough. So I had to improvise and that is what I did. Since I own the Big Kick and not any other embossing machines I again had to improvise. I used a small pc. of foam sheet that was purchased in a large pack from the $ store. I used one top of the cardstock I wanted to emboss. Like a emboss sandwich.  So layer it like this. Plastic, sheet, cs, foam, plastic. then feed it through. It is a bit hard to crank through but not too hard. go slow your first time so you don’t hear a crack, then you can finish.


When it comes out you have an embossed page. Which is nice and just made my stash multiply. Then what I did was inked it to accent the rain.

Now the foam will not be wasted. just keep using the same sheet and when you can’t anymore use it for flowers, the impressing will make designs and it needn’t go to waste.

Well hope you enjoyed this.

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Jennifer said...

This is wonderful how you were able to work with this! Yea for improvising!

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