Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ok so im enjoying cards at the moment

I will say fall is my ultimate time of year. I think of it as my reward for not killing anyone in summer- I HATE hot.

So I get excited and make tons of fall cards, some are halloween, some are fall. This one is a halloween one.

This is NOT my idea, I have seen these everywhere, BUT I love them so I wanted to make one. I used a Stamp of which I have no idea who made it, it came in a package of rubber with no backing and I mounted it on cling.


I inked with sponges the background and sentis to make them spooky- didn’t work how I wanted but… The next one will be.

I put the big eye over the knot in the tree, like its peeking at you. lol And I love the little eyes on the branches. The ribbon had adhesive on it- RAH!- the boo stamp is TAC and the happy halloween is clear I got it in a huge set, like the butterfly from yesterday off tv. I don’t know who made them it was YEARS ago.

Well I hope you like this one like I liked the other ones. Smile


Laura said...

This Halloween card is SO CUTE! I love it! I've only gotten as far as the first page on your blog and it's fantastic! It's warm and welcoming, like visiting a friends house.

♥ Laura C.

Christine H said...

So cute. Love the spooky tree. I hadn't seem this before.

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