Monday, August 13, 2012

A quick Birthday card and a family pic.

I have an abundance of crafting stuff. I mean my husband has allowed me to fill a room of stuff :”on Sale” so I have tons of  stuff.

I have some “card” that all you do is fold, decorate and send. So this card Im calling my scrap card. I pulled out the card, added words I cut for something else and it didn’t work, and an image I colored cuz Its cool. Slapped it all together and dotted the words. TADAH! a quick card.


Now on Sat. we had a birthday party because my Son in Law and 2 of my own have birthdays in that month. Wanted to get the family back together and such, so we had a party. This is all except Evan my son who took the pic. He was given up for adoption and has rejoined us. This is actually my husbands family so he agreed to take the pic. Were missing his mom, sister and her 2 kids, they live to far away, along with a brother  aunt, uncle and 2 cousins and 2 grandparents. then it would have been complete. Well I hope you take time to make a scrap quick card. It was cool. lol


Don’t forget to play along with us at For Fun. it’s a Birthday challenge and it can be anything. As long as it says Birthday.


Anna K said...

Quick cards are cool! Sometimes you just need to do that and they turn out great! Yours is very cute!

Jennifer said...

Love your quick card you've done! I love using scraps for things. Wonderful family picture! Thanks for sharing!

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