Friday, May 11, 2012

A project made just because-

I made this cuz I got inspired by Paula-Kay Bourland. I tried very hard to find the exact link but couldn’t.

Love this set. joy found. Imagine being a kids and finding a frog. I remember.


You can’t see the sun in this but you can see the cloud. I also made a card added to the back so you can send this in an A2 envy. I have instructions for this somewhere in the blog. It is called a 3d box. But I made alterations to it. because you can slide it sideways and fit it in without ruining it.



Jennifer said...

Helen this is so fun! I remember catching frogs at my grandparents pond next to their house! We always came out wet! LOL Love your little pond you've created, the window is fantastic!

Annie Anya said...

Awesome card Helen, we have frogs living under the flap of our pool in summer and at night you can hear them, love the sound.,
Thanks for popping over and commenting on my dog page. Mum died in November so my Thye is my best friend after my hubby...the kids are great too but at least the dog doesn't answer me back...♥

Anna K said...

You're card is adorable!

Dr Sonia S V said...

Super cute

Julie said...

This is so cute.

We only ever see frogs when my cats catch them and bring them in and lose them!! xx

Donna said...

Beautiful Card, that was a cute set, wish I had gotten it.Love your design and coloring!

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