Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Repurpose, reuse, recycle

Isnt that what they say? I think that can be FUN! I like to rummage, resale shops sometimes are crazy in price. Rummages too for that matter- sometimes. Where I live we have a spring clean up where our city will come for free and take away the things you don’t want. Well- I have loved this day for a long LONG time. This year not such good pickens, but a neighbor had some old cabinets she got rid of so I took a door and 3 shelves and made a table to be outside when we have a fire.

Cool right?-


Its not finished, I need to paint it and seal it so it can be out in the rain. but it cost me only 10 screws- which I borrowed off my husband. oops maybe I should have asked him. lol Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the For Fun Challenge.


Anna K said...

Ahhh, spring pick up in Cudahy! Last night the storm blew some of my stuff away!!! OOOPPPS!

Nice recycling job!

Jennifer said...

Love how you've put this together! I think that repurposing things is fantastic! I have used an old satalite dish to make a birdbath in my yard.

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