Sunday, May 20, 2012

a Married Daughter?

One of my children has decided to make me feel old. She decided to marry an amazing man.

Marias wedding 019

daughter and daddy

Marias wedding 027

Her and her Husband

Marias wedding 006

My handsome husband

Marias wedding 036

My handsome son and my son-in-laws sister

Marias wedding 051

and you think im nuts. lol


Marias wedding 067

My son and beautiful daughter.

Well I guess Ill add one more.

wedding 2 044

All of us.

Happy days!


Jennifer said...

This is absolutely wonderful! Congratulations to your daughter and her new husband and to you to! Thank you so much for sharing!

Anna K said...

Congratulations! Nice pictures!

Annie Anya said...

Hi ya Helen, gorgeous pics of your handsome and beautiful proud you surely feel...OLD?? Hey you are only as old as you feel...Caring for my nearly 100 year old dad full time makes me feel old...sometimes...if I allow it...not often though..
Thanks for your comments always on my blog...glad you like my little bug waving, he is easy to catch...xx

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