Sunday, January 8, 2012


My 15 yr old son and 14 yr old daughter had a 2nd suicide at there school. In Oct. there was a Junior girl who hung herself. Now on this past thurs a 14 yr old boy my daughter became "friends" with last year has killed himself. This poor child had a rough life, had some problems and was bullied.
I don't pretend to understand why someone would go thru with it, I feel kids really see no way out, adults know better but I still dont condemn.I feel so sorry for the people who are left, the people who feel the pain left here from the person who felt that was all.
Im so saddened by any death that was sudden, no good-byes, no whys. These kids will not have the fun and enjoy the events of life- whether they suck or are amazing and truly life gives you both. He was bullied and I don't know about the girl but I know she ended her life because of a boy. Why? Why are people looking the other way when kids are mean or people are mean? Its not fun to be bullied and as you mature you know your views change. This world is in such a sad shape, babies die because of co-sleeping, people are dying because of drunk drivers, and drug dealers. Kids killing themselves cuz the "love" they had is gone? We need to wake up, maybe no trip to Disney this year But spend more time talking and getting to know our kids, family and friends. Tell the ones you love that you do and show them, parents living alone? take 2 mins to call or visit. If your life it so busy that you can't? time to revamp. One day you will be the old person, alone, that your kids are too busy to see.
Please pray for the family of this young boy, that they may find some peace in this. That they dont turn on God, Cuz its so not God's fault.
Peace and Love, Helen


Jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing and I'll be praying for the family. For your children as well as they are deeply affected to!

Rhonda Miller said...

I'll be praying for them. How sad that these kids feel there's no other way.

Christine - Cndn Stamper said...

I'm so sorry for these teens and for everyone touched by the loss of their gift of life. Praying for them and their families/friends.

Heide said...

How very sad! I do hope the school is also getting involved and doing more for the bulling and sucides. My prayers are out to the poor family, I could not imagine what they are going through. So very, very sad!

Maria Matter said...

oh Helen, reading this made me cry. Just to think how heavy a weight these young ones felt they were sad.
Thank you for sharing. Praying peace over the family & yours too!
Take care
hugs & blessings

Kathy D. said...

What a wonderful post. Sometimes we need to be remind that the "stuff" in life is NOT importand. Family and friends are what counts.

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