Sunday, November 13, 2011

More pics from my world

Went for a ride today. It was ok for a bit then it got hard but then we made it home and it took a bit to unwind. I thought you would like to see some of my town.

006        007

A poor man lost his life on this ship last night. Very sad.

This bridge is a swing bridge. The trains can travel over it and it can move so ships and boats can get through the river.


Ok and we complain about the Japanese bighting beetles? Be grateful they arent this big. lol  Looks cool though.


I am looking this up as I type- cuz shame on me for not knowing right? Well I didn’t find this one but I will find out about it.


I don’t know what building this is but it was near The Fonz statue on the River Walk. I thought it really made it look better there. Something to look at not just a plain building.


The reason we went downtown Milwaukee today.  There is so much to see and do.


This is a church that belongs with Marquette College. Im sure I should know about it but…


They started adding Christmas d├ęcor I think? I saw these and thought the looked cool. My poor husband- trying to drive with his wife going “oh look at that” or “oh- over there”.


I had my son take this – today is NOVEMBER 13th 2011. The is a VERY accurate temperature on the top of the Allen- Bradley building.


This is a statue at Cudahy Train Depo/ historical society. You can go here and see a lot of things about Cudahy, WI. All around it had bricks with names, I think I need to ask about getting my parents name there, My dad grew up here, I grew up here and my kids too. Generations of Pride!

001    002


THis is no surprise if you follow my blog. I love clouds. The sky was so wonderful looking today, High winds and warm weather im sure gave us this awesome show. Hey that reminds me of some pics hold on be right back.

001    003

Sorry the 2nd one is blurry it was cold out and wet and I was barefoot as usual. All I can do is Howl- right. Our neighbor called and told me to look. Hes like your heads in the clouds so I knew you would appreciate this. I did- reminded me something right out of a horror movie. “ Cuz this is Thriller…”

I hope you enjoyed a jaunt through my town. These were taken from our Van while driving. So much more but if your going to fast and well Im not able to walk all of it so we drive. But its fun. My husband and I take turns telling our kids about things and what was and is. Maybe you’ll come to visit one day. Please watch for more pics of my town. and of course don’t forget to come here for cards and other handcrafted items. You can always ask about them too.


Kathy D. said...

wow. what a cool town. I can't believe the pictures are from your van. they are great pictures.

Pauline said...

Fabulous pictures... and yes, I'd love to come visit! That church ar Marquette College is so beautiful... it reminds me of Notre Dame in Montreal... I love it!
hugs and blessings,

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