Saturday, October 22, 2011

ok- addiction!!

I tried it I liked it now I can’t get enough. These are 2 more 3d things I made. I promise I will make something else right now. Please check my last post for the how too.


This was made using-

Rubber Necker Trees

Penguin Pants bird house, nest and feather

The Angel Company- All things of nature- blue jay


The Angel Company- Sweet nativity

Onyx xpressions- the city of David

Think I have an addiction? They are so simple to assemble. The hardest part is to design it. I DARE you to try one. Smile


Kym Weber said...

Fabulous cards! I love them both! All the detailing is wonderful! Awesome job!

Jennifer said...

I just love your window cards! I am definitely going to try to design one of my own!

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