Saturday, July 9, 2011

So when I feel sick I color

love to color when I feel like UCK! I usually can’t do much more so I lay and color. I don’t think right so I cant crochet or follow any pattern for cross-stitching. So all I do is color. I have a shoe box FULL of images I print up and cut up to color. I usually do 2-3 of each so I can do whatever with them.

Well I made some cards with some of the images I have had in the done box. I use clamshells for the different stages. Colored, colored and layered or glittered and … So when I feel well I try very hard to use them to make cards or? but many many times I forget to post them or even photo them. Sometimes The printing is 2 or 3 days after I found them in my files and I forgot whose they are. I try really hard to give credit where it is due.

So I colored these and had them laying around and they just spoke to me to do them so this is what I did.

dawn moore 2

This one is for one of my friends Mary, she loves kitties big time. One of the rentals on our block had this woman and she moved- LEFT HER CAT- came like a month later looking for it. Well in the mean time- Mary took it in , made it well and well I wouldn’t have given it back either. Too bad we can’t do this – legally- with children but I think my hubby would have to lock me in with no phone to stop me. lol

So This is what I made. Im going to post 2 different ones on my TAC blog. So if your interested- go check this out.


Pauline said...

I colour when I feel icky too! 2 peas in a pod are we....

Pauline said...

Love your kitty creation too!

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