Sunday, July 31, 2011

3 stamped images- 2 different cards

I love to print or stamp- depending- at least 2 images at a time. I can have a good idea and then it not work out- or I really have this thing for layering. WELL- I do like to stalk blogs and learn things. I don’t see many people and most don’t craft so I have to rely on all of you- my internet friends to teach and share with me. I do love you all!

So I saw this thing called spotlight, honestly cant give anyone credit ‘cuz I really don’t know where I saw it first. Then someone (love you) came up with reverse spotlight. GREATEST ting for a FAST card. Well because when I get get a fetish, I get obsessive image? SO I started to make the reverse cuz it less coloring BUT I had a bunch of colored images/stamps so I used some of those. DUH threw away the left over, well not any more. I made 2 cards identical except for the stamp.

This is made with a TAC stamp. I had colored it and had stamped 2 more for layering, I was in the process and laid one on top of the other and…



It made thing simple for me. It can be made with different cards, I just wanted to show you the difference. Smart right? ok, economical. I don’t think I saw this anywhere. I think I just hated throwing out the rest of the colored part. ok more posts to come.

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