Thursday, June 23, 2011

Humor to help with the sadness

First to let you know- I have a friend, Julie. She has just found out 2weeks ago that she has a very aggressive form of breast cancer. It was 2 weeks ago at 2.5 cm, now 6.5. They were going to do a mastectomy but now have to try to shrink it with chemo first. Please include her in any prayers you may say. She has a 14 yr old daughter and is a really sweet person. She has had a rough time lately: divorce, dad dying, mom moving into a home... She is just 40. If anyone would like to send her a card to lift her spirits- email me for my addy and Ill get them to her.

Here is something to help you smile after such sad news.


Marie said...

Poor thing! Everything at once, so sad. Best of wishes to her and her family.
Love n hugs

Natalie said...

Lifting your friend up in prayer. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. The Scripture that I've used on my card is also in a song that Chris Tomlin sings "Our God is Greater" that particular line is part of the bridge. Now you can sleep at night (lol)

Jan Marie said...

Lifting your friend, Julie, in prayer. May the Lord give her much grace during this trying time. . and also that He would provide comfort and strength to her daughter and continue to keep her heart soft and tender toward Him. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your kind words. Blessings in Christ our Lord!

aqualeiga said...

How awful Helen.....why do these things always happen to the nice people? My thoughts and prayers are with her and her daughter (and you of course.)

Hugs, Ali x

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