Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Im sorry that I dont have a post right now. My day is one of those days.
Woke up to a beautiful sunny day. Opened the shade on the window in my office and knocked over the vase of flowers my darilng husband bought me. Ok no biggie right pick them up, refill it...
oh no- spilled over the top of the 85 - three layered owls I colored for my daughters graduation. The image for todays card. oh yeah all wet- paper and water dont mix.
So I will work on it tonite or tomorrow and get it posted. im sorry. Really really cute images this week too.

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The Digi Street said...

Oh no! I hate hearing that. What a bummer. Sometimes I have to wonder what lessons we're suppose to learn from adversity. I hope you're able to recover more than you thought.

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