Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Challenge this week at fOr fun - GREEN but not what you think.

Ok so this week were going "green" not the color though. SHow us how you can recycle things to make a new something. I think I might play with this all week. There are so many things you can do. This is my project.

First I used an image from Phindy- she is our sponsor this week. I colored it with color pencils and odoerless mineral spirits. Then I took an Easter card we got from my husbands gramma and grampy, cut the beautiful frame from it saved the flowers on the inside and framed the pretty image. Oh yeah I I sponged the background. Then I took a gift that were doing for his grandparent- I take pictures for the year and send like a year in the life for Christmas. - Anyhow I decorated the box by using newspaper and glue then sponging it. Attached the now card to the front of it. SO not only is it a giftbox but now a card too. I like it. I think its cute.

I rearranged my craft room today so im tired. Im going to soak and go nighty nite- I hope you decided to join in with us this week. Have a great nite/day!


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aqualeiga said...

Hi Helen! This is sooooo great! Love the way you used the newspaper, I will DEFINATELY be using that in the future, its so effective! Lovely idea to make it into a gift box too! Hugs, Ali x

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