Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sorrry been psycho busy today

My youngest has a concussion and today went to a specialist. Apparently there are 2 groups of people who get concussions. 1=90% normal about 2 weeks worth of an effect, BUT of course my poor baby- she is the 10% who get it and it last until???? it feels like it wants to leave. She is paying the price- the poor thing. I wish you knew her she is awesome. So she is dragging and I can't help her.
My poor son is sick. lets hope its just a bad cold.
like my post yesterday showed- im crabby! I wish it would stop but... life I think. PMS whatever but it needs to go away!
my husband is a state employee and we live in WI and SW is a bold face liar- just saying.
ok on a great note-
My daughter came over and visited today. It was so nice to see her.
I made 3 cards and they turned out ok.
It was sunny!
And well the greatest of all God still loves me even thought I don't deserve it right now.
It's really a good thing he doesn't give me what I deserve. Boy I tell you.

Ok now Ill shut up and show you my card for the challenge over at FOr Fun.

Can you see the mood I was in? lol This is the first card I made in 3 weeks. My mojo left. Its still not back but im trying.

This was made using mu slice for the word "Yikes" I used my cricut embossing folder for the green background. The stamp is from TAC. I used foam to seperate the layers, I color 3 the same then cut apart 2 to decide what I would like to do. It worked! The ribbon is those little spools you buy at JoAnns. I used glitter glue for on the word and the little girl. I also used dimensional for parts.

Oh yeah the challenge at For Fun is colors- Purple, gold and green.


Davi said...

Fun Card Helen, that image makes me laugh! This is the Lord I tell you. I was thinking about you today and told myself tonight I would find your blog and I check my comments and there you are:) :) I will be praying for your daughter and for you and will expect your week to get better:) Have a GREAT day tomorrow!!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oh geeze. you poor baby! i'm so sorry to hear this crap. will be praying xtra hard that all gets well FAST!!!

hugs :)

Beth aka BR-T said...

Funny card I see a tantrum coming on!

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