Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ok so im in love

I know sometimes I would trade but MOST times I like my husband. He has been my strength and support to fight this health stuff. I really dont know what I would have done with out him. I made this for him for Valentines day, cute hey.
Well there is a story behind this. (always is right)
Twenty years ago when my husband and I started dating we were at his Gramma Dooley's house. Maria was sitting very good like she always did any where we went. Well his gramma asked if she wanted to color and got out a 101 Dalmatian coloring book. she sat on Chris' lap and they both colored a picture. I can't remember hers ( really 20 yrs and a million more) but I remember his. He colored the picture of when the humans were getting married and Pongo and Perdita also took the vow of love. It was a symbol even way back then that we would get married. So many things in life showed (and show) us that we would be together for infinity.
So right now I feel like a young school girl in love. Sick right? lol well im loving it.

So I have this thing about music. I LOVE it! most kinds, I like Contemporary Christian, 8-'s hair bands, big bands see the mix of Genres not my fault, when you have a large range of interests...
So I found this thing that im sure you have been listening to for a long time- Pandora. Way cool they have 30 hrs free a month - so Im listening to it while im posting this so I dont wake up the Famliy. I entered "Firehouse" well this has a lot of rockin music on it. I also have a "Third day" channel and "Glenn Miller" of course a "Trans-Siberian" anyhow I was just listening to Saigon Kick - had not heard that in too long. The Eagles are singing "hotel California" Aahh such memories. :)
Thanks to all of you who leave such nice comments on my posts. And to those of you who come and visit. HUGS~


Christine - Cndn Stamper said...

Love your card, especially with the story attached - I always want to hear the stories!

I miss Pandora. It's been "banned" in Canada - it won't play on any computer with a Canadian IP address. Has something to do with our Canadian copyright laws.

Patricia St Martin said...

I have something on my blog for you if you get a chance stop by.

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