Thursday, November 18, 2010

I no longer want to get yelled at. lol

So some of my friends are like- "You said you're making cards but I can't believe that 'cuz your not showing us any on TT" - OKAY!! I hear ya! I will try to post 1 per day until Christmas. I may skip a day or 2 because of other things but I will try ok.

Here you go Card #1

This is what I call a lazy M fold. Its like a stair step but only has 2 steps. From the side it looks like a lazy leg M. This was made for my husband's niece - she turned 4.

I used Sliekje stamp and 2 present stamps. the smaller one is clear and the bigger one came in a 2 pack from Joanns or Michaels.
I used bright colors because her birthday is in Nov. and for a 4 yr old girl they like fuzzy froo-foo so this was the closest I could get when I realized I had no card. HAHAHA and I had 4 hrs until party.
So this is not a Christmas card but I'm not making just them, The kids like to give cards as presents to teachers, coaches etc and well. So you should have plenty to look at.
AND don't forget to try out a For Fun Challenge!!!



Anonymous said...

YES we want to see them!

Sorry I haven stopped by so often, crazy times!

BUT LOVE these kitties and their present! SO cute!!!!

Keep up the good work,

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

i love it!!! it's sooooooo dimensional. fab-u-lous! and who would yell at you anyway?????

hugs :)

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