Monday, May 17, 2010

Haven't forgotten you

I made some necklaces over the weekend. I used to make and sell them a while back. Well one of my customers contacted me and asked if I had any because she needed on for a gift. Well I ahd them sitting for a while and had decided to cut them up and start over. LOL Figures. So over the weekend I made some. I have a few added here. I also have a picassa account where I will put them. If anyone is interested in one let me know. The prices are from $7-9 depending on which one. Most lengths are 19 inches. some are 18 and 21. Well I just would love if you gave your opinion on them.
You can find them on this link here.

Thanks and HUGS~


Anonymous said...

oh wow very cool!

Kristie said...

Very pretty necklace! Good luck selling them :)

Marlene said...

Very pretty, Helen.

Emma said...

So gorgeous and beautiful colours.
Hugs Emma x

Tracey said...

Ooh you have been busy Helen, they are all gorgeous but the one on this post is my fav!


HappyCrafter said...

it looks pretty, nice colour combo. it'd be nice to see it on a "model" ie. someone's neck to see how it lays.

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