Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ildi Co has snopals!

This card is for my friend Barb. Her and her husband have been married for 57 years.
That is really an amazing feat. In todays time not many people have long time invested in anything. I am proud of them and hope to walk that way in my own marriage.
This is an Ildi Co image, one of the snopals images. They are cute. My friend barb LOVES snowmen and it is in Dec.
The happily ever after stamp is a TAC stamp.


Avril Ann said...

WOW 57 years that is fantastic, I agree with you, in this throw away society, marraige does'nt rate very high, I would love my Hubby and I to get to 57 years and more....it is such hard work, but so worth it. They are sure to love this card, it is such fun....and over 57 years they must have had lots of fun. LOL. Hugs Avril xxx

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

WOW 57 years! that's a feat in itself! congrats to the couple.

fabulous card. i just love those snowpals.


Happycrafter said...

what a sweet card! I like the way you used glitter on the snowman and matched up the sentiment to it.

Jenny said...

Awww how sweet! What a perfect anniversary card! I love the heart in between them and that glitter looks great too :)

Kym Weber said...

How darling and sweet is this! Happy Anniversary to the both of them and many more to come! Love your card!

Patricia St Martin said...

57 years WOW!!!! that is a cute card.

Okay, where do I start? I truly truly have been a busy girl. This is a wreath I made and placed on my parents grave.