Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gentlemans thank you card

I made this card from a older TAC set called "Hello Fall". My birthday is soon and a dear friend from England and his wife sent me the most beautiful necklace. I e-mailed a thanks so he knows I received it but I also made a thank you card to mail out to them. I am thankful for the Internet, I have met MANY WONDERFUL people because of it. Many friends have been made because we have a similar interest and that takes you to other places around not only the states but the world. So I want to say thanks to all who have become my friends, you ALL mean a lot to me. :)

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sophiesmama said...

Great card Helen! Love the colors.
Have a great weekend.

Okay, where do I start? I truly truly have been a busy girl. This is a wreath I made and placed on my parents grave.