Monday, May 25, 2009

I will be missing for a while

Well this is the last time I try to be nice to my husband. He has an injured shoulder from work, so I tried to put together a gas grill he bought. Well as I went to sit by it to assemble it, I sliced my knee open by the sharp silver colored piece on the bottom. VERY SHARP! My cut is 1 1/2 in wide by at least 1/2 in deep. I used 2 butterfly bandages and tons of neo and a knee bandage. Cant bend it or it will split. So I am on a crutch, and can't get to my work area so I cannot make any cards. Maybe I can get the kids help. If not don't give up to me, I will be back ASAP.


Jan said...

HOPE your cut heals very soon OUCH!

lisa808 said...

Oh my, take care of yourself and heal quickly.

sophiesmama said...

Oh no! Hope you heal soon and can get back to making your beautiful cards. I checked out your "ugly" card, and believe me, it's not ugly! It's very cute, and it would cheer up anyone who received it!
Take good care of yourself!
Love the music!

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