Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My first day

Well let's hope I can get this right. I have tried to have a web page and maybe I will again but as I am learning you need to have knowledge of these things. Now as much as I am on the computer you would think I know a lot. Well...

Right now I would like to make a site for people to see the cards and scrap pages I make. To see that I am an Independant Contractor for "The Angel Company(tm)". I wish for you to know that I also make and sell other crafts as well. I guess I am trying to get it all in one package and find I am not sure how to do it. But I will keep trying.

So Welcome to Tomorrow's Tresure. I hope you find inspiration and something to warm you here.

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kellyrae, angel 3212, coolidge AZ said...

Hello Helen,
I just saw that you have started a blog, and I spent a little while browsing all of your posts. I love how you mix chatty with creativity (mine doesn't do so well with the creativity part, I'm still in the informational I look forward to seeing new posts from you.

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