Friday, August 15, 2008

more cards!

Well I made some more cards and think I'll post them. There are 2 that I may have seen somewhere else and then made my version. I think one is the one with the car and blue yarn. The other is the one with the bugs and wire. If this is your design please tell me and I will give credit where due. Or remove them if desired.
As soon as the kids go back to school, I am having a class for scraping. I will tell you more as we get closer and then let you know of the results.

Charlie Brown card was for 6th grade graduation for my son. We had all the teachers that his class had while at the school sign it. The hat is a sticker. They wanted it a pin. Maybe for my daughters 6th this year.
The Tiger face card is made with TAC's stamp. It is a technique called masking. It was my first time and I have done it again since(really catchy). To make the appearance of fur, I took black pencil and white pencil to color the face, going over the black to make it look fuzzy.
Girlz&boyz also is from TAC. I used mulberry paper and some odd yarn.
Cars is also a TAC stamp. I also used gentle beginnings paper.

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