Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Little bit of Summer

I think that even though school starts soon. We have to remember that summer is still going on. Here in Wisconsin, we have been really fortunate,as in, we have had a mild summer. After the rough start that the mid-west had it turned out to be a nice summer. Well here at least. We have not a day in the 90's yet. Since I am more a Fall person this is great news for me. Maybe not for my daughter Maria, she is a heat monger. She went to Grenada this year with her college and they did missionary-teaching at a sister school. She love the heat and the people.

So the purpose for today's entry is the cards right?

Hope you enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Nice....this seems like it would be interesting, and your very good at it.

Well the wreath did made it through the winter. It didn't fade as bad as I thought it would and I'm sorry I threw it out before I to...