Saturday, January 18, 2014

ha ha sucker!!! just kidding I have a post for you.

Now if you follow my blog you must be a sucker for punishment. I know STILL doing a blog I must be. Facebook is where I spend a bit of time ( a bit too much). I also have a love affair with Pinterest. But seriously- who doesn’t?

This card was a bit fun. Then I wanted it to say Happy… Well ya, you try finding a stamp that says that and fits. lol yeah,, I dare you.


This one was fun. I don’t know if you can see this, the wings are stickled (glittered) and I liked doing this.


Well, hum, if I get the cabbage patch hat done the day im typing this, then it will be the next post. But yeah, um, not sure. My kids have off the next 2 days so… But well, you never know.



Stef H said...

i still blog daily. it's still beats FB. love the kisses card and ok... give it up... where'd you get that stamp????

hugs :)

Helen Dooley said...

Stef- the lips were from TAC. in a set. I dont know if Red Rubber has them or not.

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