Saturday, June 22, 2013

A few odds and ends I’ve made

I forget to post things sometimes to my blog. I don’t do my challenges anymore. I have been so busy and not really a big fan of the busy life. It seems like time is going double time and I’m still moving in reverse. LOL So sometimes I just find NO time or No memory. LOL

Well I have been working on lots of different things at once. I think I have an attention span of a goldfish. My one friend posts things for me on this fact. I agree. so here are a few things.


This is a crocheted coaster. I chose to use a bigger hook so it would fit my mugs and found I like it much better in the bigger size. It called for a 6 steel and I used a 2/2.75 steel.


This adorable guy is a sticker from Dollar Tree. I went looking for more of the butterflies but (surprise) they were gone. he was smiling at me though and well really who can’t use such a cute little guy for so many things.  the background is done in a stencil for t-shirts I have owned for years (ok Decades) and I’ve used it before.And I just realized it’s a robot- not a alien, don’t need stars. oh my. hum.


I want to apologize to the creator of this image. I have the image, I named him and now cannot find the original saved image to know who this image belongs too. Very sorry.


I found this sentiment in a shoebox printed out already. I think I had the name on the back but I forgot. The flowers are some clear stamps from Joanns.I had an image next to it but wasn’t sure I liked it so left it like this.


This is a bugaboo image, I sponged the background. I think he’s so cute. I made one like this before in my posts. I really need to tag my stuff hey?


This was made with a stamp set I wanted for a LONG time. I sponged and layered the card. The Stamps are from Red Rubber Stamps.

Well I hope you have a nice weekend. I get to hang with Olivia so it will be good for me. Hugs to you all!!


Jennifer said...

These are all wonderful! I love the coaster! I have just started making crocheted flowers and I must say that those tiny needles do take a bit of getting used to! LOL
I think you and I have the attention span thing in common! I find I'm always wanting to do all sorts of things and rarely do the same thine more than once.
Have a great day!

Stef H said...

yeah. life DOES get in the way sometmes. everything is fabulous. that robot is super cute. guess he spoke to you, huh? LOL. hmmmm, wonder if he wandered over from Pier 1????? ya think? bbwwwaaahhhaaaa.

hugs :)

Mrs A. said...

Especially like the last card with the tiny flowers. It is quite difficult to find red rubber stamps here in England. Hugs Mrs a.

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