Tuesday, January 1, 2013


wow when I say that out loud I am amazed. So many things I would have imagined would be here now, that arent. I am reminded of the Jetsons cartoon I watched growing up. Flying cars. food-o-matic, visa-a-phone. Some things are here just different, I guess. we have the ability to pic chat. but the cars don’t fly and we have to cook,lol

Many things happened in 2012, some were really really good, some were good, some not so good and some were really really bad. Over all 2012 was a time for BIG changes, Not just in our personal life but in the world. Some were really positive like my daughter getting married to a wonderful man, and Lady Diana’s son Prince William and his beautiful bride Kate tying the knot. Some were not, and we don’t need to remember those- this year they seemed like so so many.

One Good thing that happened in our life was our 1st granddaughter being born, she was 2 months early but things are going VERY well for her. My daughter is still having high blood pressure from it but… over all were doing ok.  My little cutie is still in the NICU so I made some hats for the nurses to give out to those who could use a lift.

The Challenge over at For Fun this week is SOMETHING NEW. now this can be anything. Like my my team mates new product for her card or my hats or my baby girl.

oh Hats? you say – here they are.


These are so small they are really cute.

So play along with us over at For Fun this week and I wish you a very happy new year.


Kathy D. said...

I so thought we would have flying cars too!
How awesome you are sharing your talent with little ones that need all the extra love they can get. Did you make a special one for your granddaughter?

Katy said...

These are just so sweet! You are so talented! :)

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