Monday, June 4, 2012

Ok so I made some Awesome Taco Dip.

Our family loves Taco dip. We buy it once in a while at the store for holidays, it’s a bit expensive for such a small amount- SO- I made some. I was inspired on Pinterest but changed it up to suit my needs.

Taco dip-

2 – 8oz philly cream cheese blocks

1- 16 oz salsa- any brand- you choose the heat

1 packet taco seasoning

1- 8oz sour cream

blend these together until well blended and creamy. Smooth out in a 9x13 glass pan. Make sure its pretty level. Next layer your toppings in this order-

shredded cheese- enough to cover the top but not too much, Pat this gently into the dip mix.

Slice and dice tomatoes, black olives layer on top the cheese. Then top with lettuce. shredded lettuce works best, the kind in the bag but you can make your own. Tap this down as well. chill for about 2 hrs before serving. Serve with corn chips.

This is a picture of mine but it was attacked before I got a chance to photo- as usual. If you try this, let me know what you think, please.


1 comment:

Jennifer said...

This looks like it was scruptious! Looks like it's a real winner!

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