Friday, October 7, 2011

Hoppy Birthday Mannie

Pink Gem is giving away blog candy. She has such cute images...

My husbands cousins fiances birthday is tomorrow. Well as many of you know- I make a card for any reason. “you took out the garbage- yea- heres a card” ok so its an obsession. Consumes MUCH of my time. BUT- that’s ok. Well as good as my intentions can be- I confess I am usually late. Not because im not thinking of you or working on a card just for you, bet it was done a month ago. Im late because I loose track of days. Not ‘cuz im ill or anything that would cause it. Just because I do. Try as I might. Doesn’t matter.

Most times late.

So Mannie’s card should not be a surprise to you. lol I had an awesome idea at Easter to take a Bugaboo image and make an awesome card. Well then I was like “no Easter should be a Christian card…” SO- I had colored about 30 small bunnies and 12 large ones. the sat in pieces for a long time. TODAY however I am in a rush to get Mannie her card – her b-day is tomorrow, she lives in TX- by her birthday, I have a fighting shot IF its our regular mailman.

So This is the card I made for her. What do you think?


No Mannie wont see this she is not a blogger.

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Jennifer said...

This card is just Hoppy! I love the sentiment inside the card and how you added all the different "angles" on your bunny for the cover!

Well the wreath did made it through the winter. It didn't fade as bad as I thought it would and I'm sorry I threw it out before I to...