Friday, April 30, 2010

Good Morning!!!!

Good Morning-
Today I'm posting for my Paper Cutz Challenge. This week is a Graduation card. Good thing I needed one. My Son has a friend who happens to be our neighbors best friend's son. I want to tell the world about this young man. Mark Emard is most deffinately what the world could use more of. When my son, (who's entire life revoles around sports) broke his leg 2 days after football practice started, he was home and found out the story for true friends. NO ONE came to visit him or sent a card or called EXCEPT a young man named Mark. I guess I should fill in the back ground about this alittle. Dylan is in 8th grade, Mark is a senior. Both play football and right at this moment I can't remember exactly how they met but it was because of football. THis young man came over to visit, called and tried to make Dylan feel good. " Don't worry bud, a lot of my friends have broke their leg, you will heal and well play ball". Well after surgery on the other leg, he has been released and now is in track to try to get into shape for football. So I made this card for Mark. I hope he knows how important he is to Dylan because he learned the meaning of true friend with this.
THis card is made using Angela's image of Oliver. You can get him here at Sew Many Cards. HE is so adorable. You can find his other poses there too. She has so many great images. They are just so cute. I mean cute! If you go to the Store, I bet you could find something you really like.


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

no wonder dylan is as sweet as he is..... he's learned it fromyou!!!

way to go mom!

Anonymous said...

aw thats so wonderful to hear! Everyone needs a true friend like that!

Beautiful card, and special meaning!

Marlene said...

Awww...I'm so sorry there aren't more people like Mark in Dylan's circle of friends. Mark sounds like a keeper.

Mary Ski said...

Great card and sweet story! Isn't true that in the roughest times we find out who our true friends are. Often they aren't who we think they are.

Shelly said...

Great card, Helen and what a touching story. Mark sounds like a special young and and the kind of young man that you would want your son to be with and look up to as a role model. I hope Dylan is doing better now.

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